Range Rover Sport winter testing

Faults and Technical chat for the Range Rover Sport 3
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Captured being put through its paces on a frozen lake, the Land Rover 's disguise is more minimal than is usually the case.

The demanding cold-weather facility at Arjeplog in northern Sweden is the winter proving ground for the full range of Land Rover’s all-terrain vehicles. For four months every year, the company’s corps of engineers pitch vehicles to their limits against extreme winter conditions with temperatures which have been known to reach –39 degrees in daytime, but can plummet as low as –42 degrees centigrade overnight.

Phil Talboys, who manages the Arjeplog test facility, commented: “The Range Rover Sport 3 has gone through the same gruelling test and development regime that all our cars do. This journey just goes to show that the Range Rover Sport 3 has all the capability and versatility that you’d expect from a Land Rover."

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