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Here is a round of of reviews for the RRS3 - all from the UK media drives held recently;


If there’s one thing you can rely on from Jaguar Land Rover, it tends to be its cars’ dynamics, and they’re the standout again here.

Less sporting than the Cayenne it may be, but it’s still rewarding, and it will out-ride anything in the class. The Sport doesn’t feel as differentiated a model from the Range Rover as it once did (I suspect an upcoming SVR model would put more air between them), but I wouldn’t want to change the dynamic blend it has hit on. It gets the road car/4x4 combination just right.
Read the full review here: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/la ... over-sport

Auto Express:
Adding more advanced plug-in tech to the new Range Rover Sport's repertoire has pushed the price higher, but this third-generation car offers a broader range of talents than ever. There are still more agile SUVs on sale, but the Sport offers just the right level of engagement and balances this with a big step on in terms of luxury that places it closer than ever before to the full-size Range Rover. Refinement and zero-emissions running are both great, there's lots of tech and it's practical and desirable. Just one or two small compromises and weaknesses stop it receiving the full five stars. But make no mistake, this is a very accomplished SUV.
Read the full review here: https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/land-rove ... 022-review

Top Gear:
A clever evolution of the Sport. Some smart and swishly operating plug-in hybrid options and a plusher driving experience than gnarlier rivals
Read the full review here: https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/lan ... over-sport

What Car?:
The Range Rover Sport is a fantastic SUV that goes big on luxury, comfort and off-road ability, but other rivals are still sharper to drive. The incredible pure-electric range of the plug-in hybrid P440e makes it a very enticing option for company car drivers.
Read the full review here: https://www.whatcar.com/land-rover/rang ... review/n74

This is an amazingly capable car – it can go off-road, handles on the road with the best of them yet remains incredibly comfortable and cossetting. It’s hugely desirable, but comes at a huge price – both to buy and to run.

If you can afford the Range Rover Sport, you’ll find it doesn’t really lack in any area – even on the luxury front, which previous generations have given over to their full-sized siblings to deal with. This model’s just as spacious in the back as the big Range Rover, and so there’s fewer reasons to opt for the full-sized model – unless you just want bragging rights down the golf club.
Read the full review here: https://www.parkers.co.uk/land-rover/ra ... w/verdict/

Car Magazine:
With the full-sized Range Rover absolutely knocking our socks off when we drove it earlier this year, we had high hopes for the Sport. It’s delivered.

‘Sport’ may refer more to the car’s suitability for leisure activities than its outright character on a twisting road, but it one hundred per cent fulfils its brief of being a more engaging car than its wafty bigger brother. And, with starting prices almost £20,000 less than the full-fat model, it represents surprising value for money, as there’s very little to separate the cars in terms of luxury.
Read the full review here: https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-revie ... sport-suv/





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New RRS3 review from Car Wow:

It’s the sportier edition of the world-renowned Range Rover, and Mat’s about to find out if you SUV lovers should go for the sport edition over the standard model.

On first impressions, it’s unmistakably a Range Rover, with a whole load of similarities to the standard edition. However, there are a couple of differences that show off that it’s the Sport edition. Around the back, there’s a big roof spoiler (the largest on any Range Rover, no less!), and both the front and rear are a bit more curvaceous than the standard Range Rover.

On the inside, the similarities continue, with the same dashboard and infotainment screen design. The centre console is slightly different, but overall it’s unmistakably a Range Rover of some description. The infotainment system is good (if a bit laggy) and you’re treated to a large digital dial display. Some areas of the cabin feel a bit cheaper than the standard Range Rover, but you certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if you were driving this on a daily basis!

There are a number of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines to choose from, but the range-topper is a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 that can deliver 530hp! However, the plug-in hybrid isn’t a bad option, with a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six & electric motor delivering 510hp, along with the option to travel up to 70 miles on electric power alone!

The Range Rover Sport starts from £80,000, but is it really worth choosing over competitors such as the Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5? Or more importantly, should you just pay a bit more and go for the standard Range Rover? You’ll have to join Mat and find out for yourself!

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